Feel Confident Behind the Wheel: Maintain Your Own Car

Feel Confident Behind the Wheel: Maintain Your Own Car

  • Some Unusual Ways to Keep Your Vehicle Maintenance Budget in Check

    Most Australians have made a significant investment in their humble automobile. After all, they rely on this vehicle to get them back and forth to work so that they can earn a living and need to make sure that it is kept in the best possible condition. Yet still, a lot of people are reactive rather than proactive and end up spending much more money on maintenance than they need to.

  • Why Truck Wheel Alignment Is Only Part of the Story

    If you're in charge of a long-haul truck fleet, you know that you need to treat each vehicle as its own profit centre so that you maximise productivity and meet your monthly budget. To help you do so, you may have some proactive fleet maintenance procedures in place and feel that you are doing everything you can to get each load to its destination as soon as possible. However, as you strive for total efficiency, you may be missing some low hanging fruit and could easily cut back on some unwanted expenditures.

  • How to Make Your Car Breathe More Efficiently

    If you'd like to get some more performance out of your relatively standard car, you will undoubtedly invest in some engine modifications to release some of that all-important horsepower. Yet you can only go so far when you tinker with your engine if you don't upgrade some other components at the same time. In particular, you need to focus on your exhaust, as otherwise you will create a bottleneck that will seriously impede your progress.

  • How a Truck Driver's License Could Help You Out Of Your Predicament

    Are you on the lookout for a career change, as you've recently been made redundant? Maybe you had a job in the retail sector and the particular shop in question has closed due to a change in demand. If you are proactive, you may understand that this presents a new opportunity, and you will simply need to change direction. Why should you take advantage of the trend that may have forced you into redundancy and take your slice of the distribution pie?

  • Why the Modern-Day Tyre Is So Complicated

    You may be in the market for a brand-new set of tyres and are working the cost into your monthly budget. This can be quite a large transaction, but remember that these tyres are probably the most important component on your car. Engineers and designers have put in countless hours as they come up with a solution that can deal with modern-day driving conditions, and when you look at how an individual tyre is created, you will undoubtedly understand why they are a premium buy.

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Feel Confident Behind the Wheel: Maintain Your Own Car

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