Feel Confident Behind the Wheel: Maintain Your Own Car

Feel Confident Behind the Wheel: Maintain Your Own Car

How to Make Your Car Breathe More Efficiently

Craig Hicks

If you'd like to get some more performance out of your relatively standard car, you will undoubtedly invest in some engine modifications to release some of that all-important horsepower. Yet you can only go so far when you tinker with your engine if you don't upgrade some other components at the same time. In particular, you need to focus on your exhaust, as otherwise you will create a bottleneck that will seriously impede your progress. Why should you invest in custom exhaust fabrication?

Breathing in and Out

Most vehicles these days are fitted with a turbocharger, but the one that comes out of the factory is normally quite mild. Remember that this component not only helps to pump more air into the engine, but it is also a crucial part of the exhaust system. While you're in the process of upgrading, change the intercooler that keeps the air temperature in check, as this will allow the turbocharger to create maximum speed and throughput.

Reducing Restrictions

When you turn to the exhaust system itself, the first place to look is the catalytic converter. As you know, this is designed to filter out fumes and control pollution before it reaches the fresh air. Some people think that they have to leave this unit alone, as it is carefully regulated, but there are high-performance units available that will fit in with your plans nicely. Your aim is to remove as much of a bottleneck as possible to allow the air to escape.

The silencer is also an impediment in its standard form, and it will tend to push back against the dirty air instead of allowing it to escape. The good thing about an upgraded silencer is that it sounds more purposeful, which may be part of your plan to create a high-performance vehicle.

Crafting the Exhaust

As far as the rest of the exhaust is concerned, a custom-made product will be far more efficient than the standard version. This is because the manufacturers use special tools to shape the exhaust system and are careful to avoid any internal restrictions caused by poor workmanship. To do this, they will insert a special guide known as a mandrel to ensure uniformity whenever a bend is necessary. Once again, this will allow the exhaust gases to move freely and without restriction.

Making Your Plans

As you can see, a custom-made exhaust system has many different components. Make sure that you take all of these into account when you upgrade.


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