Feel Confident Behind the Wheel: Maintain Your Own Car

Feel Confident Behind the Wheel: Maintain Your Own Car

How a Truck Driver's License Could Help You Out Of Your Predicament

Craig Hicks

Are you on the lookout for a career change, as you've recently been made redundant? Maybe you had a job in the retail sector and the particular shop in question has closed due to a change in demand. If you are proactive, you may understand that this presents a new opportunity, and you will simply need to change direction. Why should you take advantage of the trend that may have forced you into redundancy and take your slice of the distribution pie?

One Door Closes…

Many high street stores are closing as people opt to buy their goods on the Internet instead. They find it easier to do so, especially when they can get everything delivered the next day by a courier. You may have spotted this opportunity and are willing to get your own vehicle so that you can transport goods to individual buyers, but first you need to get the appropriate licence.

Start as You Mean to Go On

While you can drive small to medium vans on a regular licence, if you really want to give this opportunity a go you will need to get a truck licence. This will allow you to drive a vehicle that has a much larger payload so that you can fit more in the vehicle and take better advantage of your daily schedule. As such, you will be able to earn more than you could before and explore different opportunities.

Options Grow

Once you get a truck licence, you may be able to add even more capacity if you tow an enclosed trailer behind you. You might even be able to double the number of boxes you carry to consumers with this upgraded licence. Furthermore, if you find that you are successful, then you can move up from a light rigid licence to medium or heavy, as you move towards the big time.

Licence Qualification

You may wonder what you need to do in order to qualify for a light rigid truck licence. To begin with, you will have to pass a test known as a heavy vehicle competency-based assessment. You'll also be required to recheck your eyesight and may have to fulfil additional requirements, based on specific licensing laws within each state or territory. Most jurisdictions require you to have held a car licence for some time, typically for at least a year.

Getting Your Journey Underway

You will want to make sure that you do this right and should set up some driving lessons through a qualified school before you think about taking the test. They will be able to advise you at each stage of the process so that you can get this all-important licence as soon as possible and get back to gainful employment.


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Feel Confident Behind the Wheel: Maintain Your Own Car

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