Feel Confident Behind the Wheel: Maintain Your Own Car

Feel Confident Behind the Wheel: Maintain Your Own Car

3 Things to Think About When Buying Castors for Your Office Carts

Craig Hicks

Wheeled office carts make it easy and less cumbersome for your workers to carry bulky documents. They also allow for convenient movement from one workstation to another. When buying these carts, you have to check the kind of castors that come with them. The wrong wheels can be a nuisance in your office or wear out fast and cost you more money in the future. So as you find the right carts for use around your office, take note of the following things before settling for a particular kind of castors.

Castor diameter

The diameter of your castors plays a critical role in determining the performance and durability of the wheels. Those that have a large diameter have a big surface area as well. This increased surface area increases the friction and grip of the castors to the floor. As a result, the cart may offer some resistance when you try to push it, and this will make the task cumbersome and exhausting. What's more, the large wheels also tend to pick up a lot of debris on the floor as you push the cart, and this may cause premature wear. You may need to replace the wheels more often, especially if the carts are pushed along dirty floors. Avoid this by getting castors with a smaller width to allow for easy movement.

Wheel material

The material used for the manufacture of the castors will determine their durability. Ideally, metal is the most sturdy option, but it may not be suitable for office use as the castors tend to scratch at the floor and damage it over time; metal castors are more suitable for industrial applications. Consider going for materials such as rubber, vinyl or plastic to avoid damaging the floor. However, you can go for metal castors that have a polyurethane tread to prevent scratching.

Hard Vs Soft Castors

When it comes to choosing between hard and soft wheels, most people go for the hard ones because they look more durable and sturdy. The truth is, hard castors are usually ideal for heavy-duty applications, and they also hold up well on carpeted floors. If you intend to use carts for carrying heavy items, the hard castors will suffice. However, they tend to be noisy on tile, hardwood and vinyl flooring. For quieter operations, consider the soft castors. These can handle both light and heavy-duty applications, and they are durable as well.

Castor wheels may seem small, but they should be selected carefully to ensure manoeuvrability of your office carts. Talk to a distribution company to learn more about specialised castors your business might benefit from.


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